This website was created to  

  • foster a sense of community and interdependence among our parishes
  • encourage encounters with the church
  • support church tourism

This is one of the most picturesque parts of the south of England.  Our Deanery includes historic churches that stretch from Bosham (shown on the Bayeux Tapestry) in Chichester Harbour to hidden downland churches to the north of our area. These have ministered to scattered village communities for centuries and continue to serve them today with a variety of services and activities available throughout the week.

Please be assured of a very warm welcome in any of our Churches.

Our parishes

Westbourne with Woodmancote

Valley (East Dean, West Dean and Singleton)

The Octagon (Stoughton, Up Marden, North Marden, East Marden, Racton, Compton, Forestside and the former chapel of St Paul Stansted)

Southborne with West Thorney

Funtington with West Stoke



 near you – all anglican churches in England searchable by name, town or postcode with services, facilities, etc.

Westbourne Deanery Synod

Co Chairmen

The Rural Dean – The Revd Canon Martin Lane, Vicar of Bosham
Elected by lay members of the Deanery Synod  – Jane Wilkinson



Please note – any advertisements on this site have been put here by the web host from whom we have a free site. The advertisements are not connected with the deanery.

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